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Areas of Practice: Intellectual Property Law

At Essien Law Office, we provide intellectual property services to help the individual and corporate client realize and protect all aspects of their intangible creations and other protectable assets. Our services and approach aim to bring forward the benefits of our clients' assets under the intellectual property rules. We help our clients obtain patent protection, trademark rights, copyrights and e-commerce support for their business growth.

We provide our clients with strategic planning and counselling, assist them to obtain patents, trademark and copyright protection. With a clientele that includes individuals, small and big businesses, our experience affords us the comfort of understanding and serving the various needs that our clients present.

Our intellectual property services include:

  • Patent Law
    Our clients invent and we help them obtain protection as Provisional, Utility or Design patents. In rare cases, we work with our clients to decide if they want to hold their invention as a trade secret.
  • Trademark Law
    When our clients need protection for their brands or taglines for their business or products, we utilize our experience to craft a winning process to obtain trademark protection in the most efficient manner.
  • Copyrights
    We help our clients obtain copyright registration for their works of art, musical pieces, photography and literary works.
  • Infringement
    Our firm is experienced in helping our clients when their intellectual property (patent, trademark and copyright) rights are infringed, including litigation. Some of these processes include trademark opposition and cancellation processes.
  • E-Commerce
    We utilize our experience to help our clients navigate the increasingly-changing area of e-commerce as services and products are provided over the Internet.
  • Licensing
    Our firm helps negotiate and prepare license agreements and licenses when technology needs to change hands.
  • Agreements
    At Essien Law Office, we know that our clients may need to cooperate and cooperatively develop new technologies and do research for value. All these require agreements. We help our clients obtain effective agreements for the work ahead and for the protection of their contributions.

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